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By verbalizing his thought process he hoped to

Resources on how to improve abstract thinking skills

This is not quite related, but I learned something yesterday. My wife tells me that she wants to be smarter so while we were walking I was trying to teach her mental chess so we can play chess while we walk. Its simply a by product of thinking more about anything and everything. When it comes to thinking, depth first is the way to go. Start asking questions about everything you aaa replica designer handbags see (why is Louis Vuitton always on the first floor in a shopping mall? If I spilled my drink, how long does it take before it gets cleaned up?)Perhaps the best way to improve abstract thinking skills is to increase your mental endurance and start thinking about things more. Every morning I shuffle a deck of cards and I memorize the order (timed. I started this year at 15 mins, now it takes about 1min 30s). To memorize a deck of cards, you must create high quality designer replica handbags wholesale a story out of your ass and it helps with your creativity.

“Time spent thinking” is actually a great metric for getting smarter. For most unfit people, exercising muscles that they don use is unpleasant. What they need is simple exercises 1:1 replica handbags that are short, easy to understand, repeatable, cover a range of muscles, and have variations that provide increasing difficulty for advancement. Squats may be trivial to someone but impossible for someone else. The reality is that some people who haven used their brain in a long time may be at a very, very low level. Not a knock on them, just not everyone has the opportunity to use their mental faculties 8hrs a day at their day job. Granted, Rippetoe points out, multiple times best replica handbags , to start with the empty bar. It also probably not a bad idea to have your form checked, although I lifted for a year before doing so, and the only time I injured myself was a bodyweight exercise (situps, which aren part of “Starting Strength”). Since I started studying category theory I am finding a lot of changes in my high quality replica handbags china thinking. For example, I used to struggle a lot with mental overload when trying to accomplish business goals because of the classic “so much to do don know where to start” type of thinking that I think is common with a lot of people. It hard to explain but I find myself becoming better able to mentally organize my thoughts replica louis vuitton bags and break things down into units, etc to start work on specific things even though high quality designer replica handbags the end goal is overwhelming. I still have a lot to learn about category theory but I think it very beneficial.

Suspension of judgment was the very first step I discovered, I clearly remember dolabuy , from when I was quite little. Then as needed I can refine my narrative. Apparently a lot of people have a thing where they become deeply and personally invested in the first narrative they discover, and it does not serve them well. Here you have further opportunities to observe yourself as you are making observations.

I prefer your style of thinking over the “brute force” method in the top comment. If thinking was an olympic sport, I feel it is more akin to gymnastics than power lifting. We must be mindful of irrational fear causing a false sense of urgency. Thinking compulsively without forming a conclusion can be a problem too, but it probably a better problem to have.

I can try.

Suspension of judgment: say a provocative crime has been committed and a news outlet reports on a suspect. You should be emotionally prepared that new information could arise which explains even if not forgiving the actions of the suspect. Say if you have 100% tax rate, you might be looking at communism, but you might also look at a pirate ship where the captain divvies up the booty.

Another example would be the mental exercise of trying to figure out that maximum possible current through a conductor. Even superconductors suffer from magnetic pinching, but if you have ever seen a plasma globe at a science fair you might discover the magnetohydrodynamic phenomena of Alfven waves. The mistake of the map for the terrain is common. People will for example pick a favorite interpretation of quantum mechanics and then with complete conviction deny that effects predicted by other interpretations are worth looking for, because their interpretation excludes it. I don remember ever having gone out specifically looking for paradoxes. :o)

A lot of the way experts think is actually very domain specific. So if you want to be good at thinking about a specific domain, might be worth reading one of Gary Klein books about naturalistic decision making. Most hard problems won fit in your head. Most of the ways we think are too vague and fuzzy. Writing things down and working through something in writing can help find the limits of your thinking process, and help you find solutions. I review a book that explains this very well here: https: could alternatively take a good academic writing class at your local university.)

Here are two mental frameworks that replica louis vuitton handbags have fake designer bags served me well throughout my career:I am process oriented and find that my “abstract thinking” improved significantly when I applied a somewhat consistent mental framework process to questions, situations, challenges or projects (which are often just a series of questions)1: the three to five “whys”Super simple, ask why or how three to five (or as many as necessary) times to try to unravel the root of a problem or issue. “Why did this happen, well why did that happen, how do we know that is why that happened, etc”2 break problems or complex issues down into decision trees. Sales are down X%. Well, there are probably 3 5 core events that drive sales (inbound, outbound, retention, competition etc). Looking at the outbound tree, there are 3 5 core activities that drive outbound (phone calls, emails, in person meetings, conferences, etc). You encounter a problem, employ a consistent process and get to a result. I was putting together examples but it took away from the core message. fake louis bag The best books on things like this are often written for children. Try “The Book of Think: Or how to solve a problem twice your size” (Burns, 1976).

So I laughing at all the examples that have made the rounds on HN innumerable times. How about this.”Possible Worlds: An Introduction to Logic and Its Philosophy”

https: philosophy has produced a methodical approach to thinking about things that we don seem to teach as methods. It also implies a lot of nice methods that we already use implicitly, like making thought experiments, or conceptual analysis, or testing arguments with ad absurdums, or working with modalities (like treating what we should do differently from what we could do). This book teaches possible worlds at an introductory level, when typically it considered a graduate level topic. It also gives exercises, which are ultimately the important bit. I don think I seen too many books that teach philosophy Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags a method beyond argument construction.

I also like this guide: https: “Learning, Remembering, and Thinking”. They are often about situational anomalies and unusual patterns in data that you cannot explain based on your current mental model of the situation Real questions frame things in a way that creates a restless tension replica louis vuitton , by highlighting the potentially important stuff that you don’t know. You cannot frame a painting without knowing its dimensions. You cannot frame a problem without knowing something about it. Frames must contain situational information. There are two types of questions. Formulaic questions and insight questions.. Formulaic questions can be asked without knowing much. If they can be answered at all, they can be answered via a formulaic process.. Insight questions can only be asked after you develop situation awareness. George Polya tried to teach his students how to problem solve in mathematics by means of getting people to ask questions. By verbalizing his thought process he hoped to convey these principles, as well as giving them a standard template to prompt their cycle of questions. But to adhere to a strict plan like that is to defeat the point. information is going to be contained in comparison that I can make between two phenomena in the world. Most of this “information” would be considered noise relative to most reference frames. The key is to let your uncertainty start off however it is and keep pruning away at it until your solution is sculpted from the clay.

There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, nobody knows what they are. Somerset Maugham on enterprise architecture Peter HiltonIn practice, designing seems to proceed by oscillating between sub solution and sub problem areas, as well as by decomposing the problem and replica designer handbags combining sub solutions. Nigel CrossFirmitas, utilitas, venusitas. (“Firmness, utility, delight”) Marcus Vitruvius, De Architectura (22BCE)Less tongue in cheek, there are quite a few decent, mature systems encouraging thinking from different perspectives. Examples include De Bono hats system, IDEO mantras for innovation, Skillman englightened trial and error, 99% perspiration (ie. You discover that it’s never easy and you should always be careful trying to recycle a model by mapping it to an entirely new system.

My personal recommendation just based on personal experience would be to study philosophy. It doesn much matter which philosophies, but a variety that differ fairly substantially would probably be best. When you read a very different viewpoint you can occasionally almost feel your brain shift sideways when you how the other viewpoint is seeing things. That leads to questions about the exact points where your viewpoint and their actually diverge, and considering a wider scenario where both exist or develop is inherently a move in the abstract direction.

The question was posed on a site dedicated to discussion of programming and related subjects. Your suggestions require explanation as to why they would help this sort of abstract reasoning. As a matter of fact, many people who are proficient in the skills you mention are hopeless at the type of abstract thought used in math and computer programming, so the skills you list are certainly not sufficient. Most of them are also not necessary (all apart from writing and reading challenging literature?).

My answer to your question is math. Learn to read and write proofs.

A more graduate level book but one I found pleasing:A Logical Approach to Discrete Mathematics: https: a more pragmatic approach to the same material (with a lot of cross over in terms of proof style, etc):Programming in the 1990s: http: one I particularly enjoyed early on was written for liberal arts level students of maths (who might been traumatized by maths in the past):Introduction to Graph Theory: https: will actually get you into writing proofs in set theory within the first couple of chapters.

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